Indonesia’s First Microalgae Firm Set to Enter Global Market

Evergen Resources, a biotechnology company that develops microalgae cultivation based in Kendal Central Java, Semarang, is expanding its business into worldwide markets. Dubbed the first in Indonesia and one of the largest in the world, Evergen manufactures antioxidant active ingredient, called Astaxanthin, which is marketed under the brand AstaLuxe. This ingredient is used commonly in nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Taking its name from the abbreviation of “Forever Generate”, Evergen has also established a presence in the United States. Recently, the company took part at SupplySide West, one of the largest exhibition of health and nutrition. The event, which was held in October in Las Vegas, gathered over 17,000 ingredient buyers and suppliers from many corners of the world. It is worth to note that Evergen was the only exhibitor from Indonesia taking part at this big event.

“Participating at SupplySide West is a great opportunity for us, not only for introducing our products to the global audience, but with the high-quality of our world-class products, we have the confidence that we can win the business competition globally,” Siswanto Harjanto, Evergen’s founder and CEO, asserted.

Siswanto added the location of Evergen’s plant is one factor that boosted his confidence. The tropical coastal region in Kendal, Central Java is favorably suitable for producing the highest quality microalgae in various types of natural Astaxanthin in the forms of oleoresin and powder. “Coupled with the utilization of cutting-edge technology, and not to mention the measurement level of our client satisfaction; we are not only confident with the market of our ingredient. Today is the time for us to scale at greater heights in the global arena.”

Currently, there’re over 13,000 hectares of space in Kendal ready to be used for further development. “We will make the most of the space to cater for more demand. As such, we will also process more types of microalgae in the near future,” Siswanto concluded.

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